A "creative lime" that might be the best description for Resident Aliens. Trini-born and U.S. based, we are a group of six friends (Duane Dyer, Harvey Neptune, Winston Smith {Dr Remix}, Dianne Thorpe, Michael Toney and Selwyn Williams) musically making sense of a world in which home is here, there and the many unmapped places in  between. Enjoying the pleasures and enduring the pressures of 'exile' Resident Aliens offers songs that celebrate, question, lament, and most importantly, laugh at the lives we and so many others like us confront daily. The music we make mirrors the lives we lead; it is rooted in the rhythms and lyricism of Trinidad while rife with urban cosmopolitan tones. To the rest of the world, Resident Aliens sends an invitation: "Join we lime: listen we music!"


Bring Yuh Love ft Mr McCloud

Watching Meh Ting produced by $hel$hok


Wha We Like


The Greatest Show

Go West


Soca P.I.M.P.ft Terra Bless


Indian Gyal

Indian Gyal Riddim



Wild Wine West Riddim